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SafeHarbor™ is a browser and curated online content collection designed specifically to be safe for children. Our browser encourages children to use the best online content available and it automatically blocks them from accessing inappropriate sites and online advertising. We also provide parents with a secure GuardianApp™ login where you can immediately see and control what your children have access to.

To give you peace of mind we have curated the internet for children the way our parents and librarians once organized content for us. We provide all this rewarding content in an age-appropriate manner for preschoolers through high-school students in a way that empowers and rewards their innate curiosity.


Key Features

Great Content

SafeHarbor™ provides children organized access to online resources of over 2 million approved webpages and videos, compiled from over 70,000 classroom online teaching guides, 30,000 museums and organized by approved teachers and educators and screened entertainment sources from around the world. We also give you ad-free access to the leading educational sites on the web.

Ad-Blocking and Secure Browsing

Children should not be exposed to marketing and advertising unapproved by parents, so at SafeHarbor™ we automatically incorporate ad-blocking technology to protect your kids. We go one critical step further by also providing families and schools with a secure browser that blocks third-parties from collecting personal information about your children while they are online.

Educational Tools

Working with approved content from thousands of teachers, librarians, museum curators and quality online educational sites, SafeHarbor™ has created the most expansive and safe online learning platform available for pre-schoolers through 12-graders. Our integrated grade-level educational tools will help find the best resources for your child's needs.

Parental Control & Monitoring

SafeHarbor™ provides parents a mobile GuardianApp™ which allows a parent to view at any time what your child is accessing online. At the touch of a button a parent can see what their child is currently doing on their device. No more hoping, guessing or reading through countless log entries.

Protected Family Communications

SafeHarbor™ allows parents to safely and securely communicate directly with their children using a variety of approved services that can be configured for a particular family's needs.

Content and Feature Configurable

SafeHarbor™ provides an intuitive and easy to use interface which allows the customization of content selections based on a number of criteria. Families can easily personalize content and application features to meet their particular needs.

Vital Statistics

Safe Online Resources

Websites & Webpages
Games & Puzzles
Audio Books
Reviewed Classroom Curricula
Museums & Libraries
Pre-K to 12th Educational Grade Levels

Blocked Harmful Content

Advertisements and Site Trackers
Websites with Adult Content
Gambling Websites
Malware, Ransomware and Dangerous Websites
Domains Seized by Law Enforcement
Sites with Illegal or Illicit Content
Online Dating and Related Sites
Plus 16 Additional Categories all Updated Daily

For Parents

Resources for Parents and Families

Industry Leading Experts and Resources

SafeHarbor™ was designed and built from the ground up with the safety and educational needs of your kids in mind, based on advice and best practices from industry leading researchers and practitioners and trusted online resources.


Explore a selection of respected experts whose work we leverage

Online Resources

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Family Subscription Plan

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For Schools

PTA and PTO Fundraising Opportunities

School Fundraiser Program

Join the over 220 schools in 23 states that have already registered to use SafeHarbor™ to raise money for their Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). Our program is simple and does not involve any of the hassles traditionally associated with fundraising campaigns which require managing physical inventories and financial management. To get started any member of your school community can contact us at, or fillout the signup form, and we will send you registration information for your school or organization.

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Meet Our Team

Team Members

Pablo Perillan
Pablo Perillan, MD PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Father of 9-year-old twins, medical doctor and researcher with decades of experience in software development. Together with Mr. Andrew Bond, Dr. Perillan has co-founded two successful companies in high-performance computing and healthcare IT. They are both now dedicating themselves to ensuring that the next generation will have access to the highest quality online resources available.
Pablo Perillan
Pablo Perillan, MD PhD
When not coaching the twins at clubs or events, Pablo can be found enjoying the guitar, piano, skiing, snowboarding, playing tennis or knocking targets out of the sky at sporting clays courses. Occasionally, reminding himself that it has been too long since he's been mountain biking, SCUBA diving, motorcycle riding, flying or fishing. Motto: "Life is short, do something meaningful you love today."
Andrew Bond
Andrew Bond
Chief Technology Officer
Father and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Bond has founded three prior companies and been successful in fields as diverse as video game development, publishing, healthcare IT, and high-performance computing. SafeHarbor™ represents Andrew's commitment to improving the lives of children and families by providing them with the appropriate tools to protect them online.
Andrew Bond disassembling car
Andrew Bond
When not attached to a keyboard, Andrew can usually be found building or fixing something around the house or garage. A lifelong advocate for the complete disassembly of anything, for the smallest of reasons, just to learn what makes it tick. Loves working on projects with his sons, wife Diane or any unsuspecting soul that shows any interest!
Diane Bond
Diane Bond
Curation Administrator
Mother and the lead of our content curation program amongst other activities. Diane has joined Andrew on many previous ventures, most recently in the healthcare IT space. Diane brings a wealth of experience from her time spent in marketing tech services for a fortune 500 company through to startups. Diane holds an honors degree in Chemistry and Business Marketing.
Diane Bond
Diane Bond
Diane is an avid lifelong learner with an interest in information technology in the classroom. Diane enjoys cooking with her husband Andrew, as well as nature walks with family. In keeping with her gypsy spirit, she prefers long road trips over flying, packing everything but the kitchen sink.
Jorge Pasarell
Jorge Pasarell
Mobile Development
Jorge works on our mobile development team and has worked with Andrew and Dr. Perillan in a previous company in Healthcare IT and EDI. Jorge has a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and an MBA from Tulane University.
Jorge Pasarell
Jorge Pasarell
Father of two and an avid conservationist, outdoorsman, and artist. Jorge lives in Puerto Rico with his family where they are especially dedicated to helping rebuild Vieques which was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017.
Julio Perillan
Julio Perillan
Business Development
At SafeHarbor™, Julio is responsible for coordinating our Spanish language curation efforts and our marketing and media channel outreach in the European and LATAM markets. Julio has an honors Physics degree from the University of Maryland.
Julio Perillan
Julio Perillan
As an artist and teacher of the arts, Julio has been a working actor and producer in the European film industry for 20 years. He lives in Madrid, Spain with his wife and two children. The whole family is active in the community of Education for Special Needs Kids abroad.
Canis Fortunatus
Sophie is SafeHarbor’s official office greeter and delivery box inspector. Sophie is dedicated to the emotional and physical well being of her staff. Tirelessly napping under desks only to selflessly act as an official food taster should any tasty items make it into the office, after of course passing her initial bag inspection.
Sophie Shopping
Sophie’s guilty pleasure is shopping at her favorite pet store and of course belly rubs.

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